Who is Homestead Sparkle?

Sharron Gimik is the creator and owner of Homestead Sparkle and has been creating, crafting, and baking for years. She works full-time as a manufacturing engineer and like many, enjoys a wide variety of hobbies.

Sharron Gimik

Hi, I’m Sharron and you’ll find me in many places doing many things. I like building things, crafts, and a little baking too!

I believe everyone needs a little time to express themselves outside of work and explore their creativity.

Don’t worry if you’re not artistic, neither am I. I try to make up for it with creativity. Just use your imagination.

I’m not much of a writer either. I’m usually direct and straight to the point. I’ll do my best to add a little entertainment into the mix though.

I started my early years in the technical field of Quality Management and Engineering so I’m also the nerdy type (with flare).

I am a licensed Cosmetologist and specialize in hair color. I also love nail art and fashion.

My creative drive is also what lead me to my wonderful decorative cake pan collection. I’ve always loved to bake (and eat). The beauty of these pans and the craftsmanship that went into them just fascinates me.

My favorite crafts are candle making and woodworking. You can find me teaching candle making on YouTube @downhomewicks.

Sharron Gimik on YouTube @DownHomeWicks