Are Jars From Dollar Tree OK for Candles?

Yes. Many candle makers in the community use the stout round and square vessels or jars from Dollar Tree for candle making.

The Rocks Glass Candleholders are 3.25″ in diameter and 4 inches tall. The Square Glass Candleholder is 3 inches square. They comfortably hold 10-12 ounces of candle wax. They can be purchased in-store or online by the case with FREE delivery to your local store.

All candles require testing. I have included affiliate links to help you in your candle-making journey. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post via affiliate links to products or services associated with content in this article.

What is the best candle wick to use with the Dollar Tree candle jars?

Wick choice for a candle starts with the vessel’s diameter first and then the type of wax you are using. As a rule, the bigger the diameter, the bigger the wick. The harder waxes require a wick that is a little larger because their melting point is slightly higher.

Additionally, the Dollar Tree jars are large enough to use two smaller wicks to get a better hot throw. I have put together a table of suggested wax and wick combinations to give you a starting point. Test your candles with your fragrance choice and colorant if you have added any.

The Dollar Tree Rocks Glass Candleholders Jar is also known as the Libbey Status Jar.

Dollar Tree Jars – Rocks Glass Candle Holders – 3.25″

Wax TypeWick Used
GB 464Double Wicked with CD 6
IGI 6006Double Wicked with HTP 73
IGI 6006Premier 745
IGI 4630CD 18 or CD 20 using colorant
C3HPT 126
Joy WaxDouble Wicked with CD 7

Dollar Tree Jars – Square Glass Candle Holders – 3″

Wax TypeWick Used
GB 464Double Wicked with CD 8
GB 464Double Wicked with .750 Wooden Wick and booster
GB 464Double Wicked with ECO 10 (ECO 8 with low FO Load)
GB 444Double Wicked with ECO 10
Soy BlendDouble Wicked with HTP 93
Soy BlendDouble Wicked with Premier 767
IGI 6006Double Wicked with .875 Wooden Wick no booster
IGI 6006Double Wicked with CD 10 or ECO 10

How do you center candle wicks in a square jar?

Wick placement for square candle jars is best when double wicked and aligned diagonally. This provides the optimum heat source across the surface of the candle wax to create a melt pool to the glass jar edge. A properly fitted wick will in this direction also prevent tunneling commonly found with square candle containers.

Where can I get a dust cover or a lid to fit my candle jars from the Dollar Tree?

The popular Dollar Tree Jar aka Libbey Status Jar is so common our fellow crafters have helped us by making dust covers and lids to fit these candle vessels. Here is what you can get online.

Candle Jar Dust Cover Sleeve by HiddenCreekCandles
Custom Dust Covers by KindleandFlame
Bronze Metal Flat Top Lid
Candlescience Flat Lid for the Status Jar
large flat top 970
Candlescience Glass Flat Top for the Status Jar
Premium Square Dust Cover Lid by VAEssentials
Premium Square Bamboo – Acacia Lid by VAEssentials
Metal lids for dollar tree 3-inch vessels by SunshineCandleSupply

How can I package a candle without a lid?

Not all candle vessels have lids. Some candles are packaged in boxes. Packaging a candle in a gift box adds an element of luxury. These boxes a 4″ square are the perfected fitted size for the Dollar Tree Rocks Glass Candle Holders.

Fits Dollar Tree 3.25″ Rocks Glass Candle Holders
Fits Dollar Tree 3″ Square Glass Candle Holders

Where can I get luxury labels for my candles?

A luxury candle starts with quality candle wax and an attractive candle vessel. What makes a candle high-end is presentation as well. Luxury candles include packaging and labeling.

Put more than just a sticker on your candle vessel. Try labels such as foil printed, textured, or linen.

Custom Candle Label Stickers by XOXOKristen
Classic Crest Labels by
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