Can you paint candles?

Yes. If you are making pillar candles the outside can be painted with acrylic paint. The paint is not in the melt pool and does not interfere with the wick. This type of candle often will tunnel or not completely burn.

One of these styles is the carved candles you see. These are dipped in clear acrylic and only the core is burned. Dried acrylic paint does not burn but use caution and moderation.

An alternative to acrylic paint on candles is to use liquid candle dye. You can use liquid candle dye to paint candles and it works great for candles that look like food.

Use liquid candle dye to dry brush shadowing and highlights on candle embeds to bring them to life and get the realism of real food.

The same can be said for glitter. Fine glitter can interfere with the wick and the larger glitter may catch fire. Keep this in mind when creating your candle.

Sharron Gimik
Sharron Gimik

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