Candle Making FAQ

The Candle Making FAQ category offers a collection of frequently asked questions and answers related to the craft of making candles. The questions may cover various aspects of the candle-making process, including selecting materials, choosing fragrances, creating different candle shapes and sizes, troubleshooting common problems, and more. The website may also provide tips and advice on how to make candles safely and efficiently, as well as resources for finding supplies and further learning. The goal of the Candle Making FAQ category is to help aspiring candlemakers get started with confidence and provide support throughout their candle-making journey.

candle wax in an air-tight container

Does Soy Wax Expire?

Soy wax does expire. It has a shelf life of about 2-3 years if stored properly in an air-tight container. Candle wax made from soy wax has a shelf life of about 2 years. After that, the fragrance oil begins to break down the wax, and the soy wax heavily frosts. I have some older …

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candles with flowers

Can I put flowers in my candles?

You can put flowers in your candles. Many pillar candles are decorated around the outside of the candle with flowers and accessories. Container candles are often decorated with flowers on top. The key is to never leave them unattended and remember they are at more risk for fire.

wax melts

Do you add water when melting wax?

You do not add water when melting wax. Candle wax is an oil-based product and will not mix with water. You do not add additional water when melting wax melts in a wax burner. Wax melts are ready out-of-the-package.