Do candles sell well on Amazon?

Candles sell well on Amazon. Amazon has a great Handmade selling program that converts well if you are looking for a platform to sell your candles. Millions of shoppers visit Amazon and spend billions. 7 out of 10 households buy candles at some point.

Etsy is also a great platform to sell candles as well as Shein. These are known for handmade crafts and also help drive traffic to shoppers. Selling platforms are easier than starting your own website and can bridge the gap until you have your own online store.

Sharron Gimik
Sharron Gimik

Sharron is the founder and creator of Homestead Sparkle, Down Home Wicks, Bundt Cake Admiration, and Timbers Cove. She loves crafts of all kinds and started as a candle maker. She loves to bake and collect decorative cake pans too.

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