How to Make Candle Sand DIY

Candle sand is a soy blend, often with paraffin wax, that has been processed into tiny beads. Both waxes are melted together and while hot, sprayed on a cooled steel barrel. The barrel is scraped off as it turns. This process makes it easier to use.

Paraffin often comes in a slab that needs to be cut up. Soy comes in flakes. Sometimes soy wax is blended with beeswax to make it harder. It’s the process of spraying and collecting the wax as a bead that makes it unique.

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This is perfect for making candle sand. A large manufacturer of candle sand or tiny wax beads can color the batch while it is liquid creating multiple colors.

How to make scented candle sand at home

You can make candle sand at home. This is a great DIY project that does not require any special equipment. Wax in a bead form can be purchased online or at a local candle supply.

Candle sand that is already colored can also be purchased online but I think making your colors and fragrance is more fun.

It’s also cheaper and if you make candles to sell at craft fairs this is an attractive product to offer. Your candle art pieces can set your display apart from the average display.

  1. The first item you will need is a bag of beaded candle wax. Most para soy blend comes this way. I purchase mine from
  2. Next, you will need a scale. Candle making is measured by weight. If you don’t have a scale, you can also measure the ingredients with regular kitchen measuring cups. I will give you the approximate measurements but weighing is the best.
  3. You will need a container to mix and store your mixture in as well as a spoon. I use glass jars.
  4. You need a carrier oil suitable for burning. You can use light vegetable oil for this. Because I like to add a mild fragrance to mine I use fragrance oil made for candles. It serves as the carrier oil.
  5. You also need liquid candle coloring or dye. All of this can be purchased online or at a local supply store.
  6. To make the candles you will need candle wicks and candle-safe vessels.

In your mixing container measure out the oil at about 5% of the total wax weight. Add a few drops of the candle dye and color as you desire. Stir well.  Measure out ½ to 1 pound of candle wax and put it into your container.

You can also measure separately by putting the oil and coloring in a paper cup. Measuring wax and the appropriate fragrance or oil can be confusing. Below is a chart based on the amount you may want to use. You can experiment with this and add more or less oil and color.

Store the mixture for 2-5 days letting the wax absorb the oil and coloring. Stir in between. This varies depending on the oil you use. For white just use wax plain.

Congratulations! You are ready to make sand candles with candle sand. Place the wicks in your vessels and spoon in the mixture making your original art pieces.

4 ounces (* 1/2 cup) candle wax + .2 ounces (* 1 ½  tablespoons) fragrance oil + 2 drops color           Or

8 ounces (* 1 cup) candle wax + .4 ounces (*3 tablespoons) fragrance oil + 3 drops color           Or

12 ounces (* 1 ½ cups) candle wax + .6 ounces (*5 tablespoons) fragrance oil + 4 drops color            Or

16 ounces (*2 cups) candle wax + .8 ounces (*6 tablespoons) fragrance oil + 6 drops color

16 ounces = 1 pound of wax. Most wax is sold in bags of 1, 5, or 10 pounds.

How to make unscented candle sand

Alternatively, you can make candle sand without the fragrance by following the directions above with these changes. Switch the fragrance oil in the recipe above with a tablespoon of oil and coloring drops as vibrate as you want the colors.

Stir well until all of the colors are mixed in. The candle sand recipe changes slightly depending on the amount of wax you use only by adding more colorant. Typically, liquid candle dye does not mix well with paraffin wax or a soy blend.

This mixture is coated and not bonded. The candle sand is coated with color and may change color if later a fragrance is added.

Candle color stains EVERYTHING and is toxic. This should only be used under close supervision and kept away from small children. Candles can be hazardous in any form if not handled with care.

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