candles with crystals and herbs

Simply adding herbs, crystals, gems, or stones to a candle can be decorative but may not be beneficial or serve the intention. Making candles with the intention of generating energy also follows astrology and the farmer’s almanac.

Candles made with herbs and crystals help ground and connect us spiritually. Some candles are infused with specific intentional combinations to enhance meditation, ritual, or specific chants of affirmation. It is important to infuse natural waxes and oils with organic herbs and cleansed crystals.

It is also said to carry importance in making these with a positive atmosphere and attitude as energy is transferred.

candles with herbs and crystals

Why Use Beeswax For Candles?

All candles require testing. I have included affiliate links to help you in your candle-making journey. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post via affiliate links to products or services associated with content in this article.

It is important to know the brand of candle wax you are starting with and how it is processed. If you would like to make candles in a more natural state I have an article on natural candle making.

Beeswaxis also the best and most commonnatural waxused for pillar candles for its strength.

Using beeswax in a candle has the closest connection to nature and grounding properties.

There is no good scientific evidence to support this but beeswax has been used for hundreds of years for treating conditions such as pain and fungal infections.

In folklore, burning beeswax candles have been mentioned to hold cleansing properties similar tosage smudgeswhen burned.

Beeswax mixed withfrankincense oilis frequently found together to cleanse or rid of pain, and fungal, or viral illnesses. Added lavender could represent renewal.

Chemicals or toxins found in paraffin or polymers would compete or dampen the ability for the natural effects of a recipe. It may not completely hinder the candle but would lessen the intent. It would be like cleaning with dirty water. Thus the importance of understanding the wax you are working with.

If you are interested in makingintention candlesor learning the meaning behind the colors, crystal, herbs, etc., I have an article that goes into more depth for making DIY candles with intention.

Bayberry waxis anotherluxury wax blendthat can beall-naturalif you make it yourself. This has been made for hundreds of years by simmering the berries of the Bayberry bush and harvesting the wax that floats to the top.

This is a very nice wax and does well in a container or a pillar. It was used as a replacement for tallow candles because it does not go rancid. It is very labor intense and not affordable to most. It also holds essential oils better than beeswax.

TheBayberry waxhas a natural spicy fragrance that can be used as a candle on its own. These were often made for special occasions such as Christmas or religious holidays or rituals. Bayberry is a very spiritual candle wax.

A beeswax-based candle often serves as a meditative or grounding base to an intention candle whereas Bayberry often serves as an intuitive or spiritual intention candle.

Why add coconut oil to beeswax for candles?

Beeswax is a hard wax, also is known to be difficult producing a hot throw. Adding coconut oil as a carrier oil for the fragrance oil or 100% soy wax creating a blend can help with this. Often a 25-30% ratio is used.

With candle testing, beeswax with this blend could possibly be used as a votive or stout pillar.

Some candle wax blends can be accomplished by creating a core for burning and a shell for presentation. The shell often warms with the flame but does not reach the melt pool.

In advanced candle making, the shell is sometimes made in combination with herbs, crystals, stones, or charms. These are often referred to as candle lanterns or wax lanterns.

Hand-Crafted Natural Beeswax Lanterns by HoneyGlowLantern

If you would like to read more on blending candle wax, I have an article to read more on it.

When making apillar candle, theouter edges of the candle( 1/8″ – 1/4″ wall )are not supposed to burn. The candle wick is intended to burn in the center and contain themelt pool without the aid of a container.

Selecting a wick is key. Too small and the candle just will not burn correctly. Too large and the wax will melt and spill over the edges or create a larger risk of fire.

Slightly larger wick sizing is how dripping candles are made. This is when the wax melts faster than the candle mixture burns as fuel.

Learn more about choosing the correct wick for a candle.

The base or foundation of anintention candle(candles made with herbs and crystals) is established in the direction in which we want to move our energy. We want to focus “downward” to “ground” and focus or upward for insight and clarity.

The base or foundation starts with the choice of wax. It is the carrier for the elements added to the candle.

Selecting a Natural Candle Wax

When we think of a downward direction we are referring to the connection to the planet or earth. This interpretation can mean several things to different people so keep an open mind.

Our world comes from grounding and balance. Bringing ourselves back and keeping firmly rooted develops stamina and aids in our protection.

When we think of an upward direction we are referring to the connection to a higher awareness or being. This can also mean many things. This is very personal to one’s self. Understanding our spiritual needs gives us direction and purpose.

Choosing your natural candle wax can create a complex combination for a candle. There is no specific choice for grounding or one for lifting. It is the combination of elements that determines the effect.

  • Beeswax is a grounding base for intention candles
  • Bayberry is uplifting and spiritual for intention candles
  • Natural soy candle wax is a neutral base for intention candles.
  • Coconut and apricot are neutral bases for intention candles.

Selecting a Candle Container or Candle Mold

In natural candle making, we also want to be environmentally responsible. Using a container that can be recycled or reused that does not have a negative impact on the environment is where we want to start.

There is a more detailed table I update in the article I wrote for making candles with intentions. A karmic balance is important whenmaking candles with intention

  • Glass containers can be beautiful and typically do not react with their contents. Tin can be recycled but sometimes is reactive.
  • Rust or oxidation could be viewed as negative energy captured in the intention candle.
  • Vessel colors and shapes can play a role also.
    • clear represents air, and purification and allows you to see the wax color (often white)
    • amber represents fire, protection, and good fortune
    • cobalt represents water, healing, and psychic abilities
    • dark green represents earth, abundance, and good luck
  • Grounding candles are round.
  • Prayer candles are taller 2x taller than they are wide and so on.
  • Triangular or pyramid candles are used to seek communication or realization.
  • Candle cores shaped like stars can be dipped and carved.

How to Infuse Herbs Into Candles

Just like any oil, natural candle wax can be heated to no more than 185 degrees to steep fresh or dried herbs. Recipes can be developed to include elements such as rosemary and steeped for a few hours in a slow cooker or simmered in a double boiler to blend into the candle wax.

The candle wax is then ultra-filtered.The strength of the scent would require testing.

Herbs should be added to the candle wax at least when the candle is poured or before.

Herbs can also be placed within candle container sides as decoration so that the candle wax will pick up some of the fragrance. Larger herbs or sections work best as to not interfere with the wick and cause clogging.

What are wickless infused candles?

Wickless candles are infused with herbs and the herbs are left as is in the candle wax. These are usually made in 4-ounce tins and are meant for candle warmers. These have aromatic benefits without the fire hazards associated with intention candles. There is no concern that the wick will clog as well.

Making Candles With Infused Oils

It is important to keep a journal of your recipes and keep everything labeled. Your testing results will determine which recipes for your candles you keep.

HERB SET by TalismanByYanny

Chili peppers may make a great red color but the spicy scent overpowers the scent of rose petals you added. That may be a wild example, but this demonstrates the need to journal the characteristics of your testing.

Paprika also makes a nice red color. It has an earthy tone and the smokey fragrance is fitting with the smokey fragrance of beeswax so it fits and is harmonic.

Red is symbolic of power and energy. Chili peppers may move you forward to success when you need a boost to overcome challenges. Red can also be balance and energy grounding you to the root of your focus of who you are.

Paprika, also a pepper, is more in control (grounded). It is red with a hint of green, it’s earthy sister.

Beeswax has a unique color tone and adding infused oils can affect that color and scent. Each process should be thought out first. The final combination may result in something completely different from the planned.

Candle Maker’s Workbook by GratitudeStudiosShop

Infusing Essential Oils for Natural Candles

Fragrance oilsare traditionally used in candle making. These are formulated specifically to be burned and to produce a scent that is broadcast. Many of these a synthetically produced through chemical replication and of course is proprietary information.

Natural essential oilsare missing the chemical additives that help stabilize the bond to the candle wax and present challenges in this type of candle making.

Not all essential oils are created equal.

Before using essential oils in candles it is important to make sure that what you are using is suitable. Some essential oils although all-natural are also toxic if burned.

Some essential oils can be very toxic if swallowed or applied to the skin without proper dilution. Always use care and safe handling. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Unlike fragrance oil, it takes more essential oil to create the same effect. Fragrance oils are a more concentrated formula even though essential oils are not in a diluted carrier oil. Often this is determined by the quality of the essential oil and the strength of the scent naturally.

Steeping oils or candle wax as mentioned above to add fragrances from flowers, herbs, or spices is a natural method to fragrance candles.

Not all candles need to overpower the bathroom or fill a completely great room. Relaxing next to a candle in a cozy chair with a book and a soft lamp for reading can be nice as well.

Making Candles with Essential Oils

This is a popularmassage candletoo. Essential oil candles work best withsoy waxpaired withhemp wicks. Plan for a 6% to 8% fragrance load.

  1. Melt 6 ounces of soy wax to 185 F
  2. Cool soy wax to 155 F and add 1/2 ounce essential oil, stir
  3. Attach a hemp wick to an 8 ounce candle vessel
  4. Pour mixture into a prepared candle vessel
  5. Attach wick centering tool and let congeal
  6. Trim wick to 1/4″ and cure for a few days (up to 2 weeks)

Making candles with essential oils can be more successful by picking fragrances that are stronger. Softer fragrances will not broadcast through a room as well.

Candles For Meditation

Using candles for meditation has been around for hundreds of years. Candle gazing can add a layer of relaxation by helping you focus. Picking a fragrance is personal and is often found using Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, Citrus, and Dragon’s Blood.

Preparing Crystals, Gems, or Stones for Candles

Each element you choose to add to your natural candle or your intention candle should be cleaned with a soft brush to remove any loose debris first. They also need to be cleansed.

For this, you will need a shallow bowl and either sea salt or Himalayan salt. Fill the bowl with salt. Place the crystals, gems, or stones on top of the bed of salt. You do not need to completely cover them.

Leave them on the bed of salt for 24-48 hours to cleanse the negative energy.

Because salt is corrosive, do not leave any of the elements in the salt bed for storage. Do not rinse or use water. Store in a secure container for later use.

Adding Crystals, Gems, or Stones to Your Candles

Salts or salt compounds “pop” when they heat up and can create issues. Make sure the salt is completely brushed off after cleaning.

Some crystals are porous and do not do well in a candle as they heat up. Most common such as quartz are fine.

Crushedcrystals,gems,orstoneswork well in candles and can be sprinkled on top. Pillar candles can be rolled in a crushed medium.

Unlike herbs that need to be added at least when the candle is poured, they can be added after the candle has congealed so that they sit on top and are visible. They can be added at a later time using a heat tool to soften the top placing them in position.

Adding stones too soon will cause them to sink to the bottom. To suspend them, pour the candle in layers placing the stone in between layers.

NEXT – Making Candles with Intention

  • Selecting Candle Colors
  • Selecting Herbs for Candles
  • Selecting Crystals, Gems, or Stones for Candles – Candles with Crystals Inside
  • Candle Intention Recipes

Candles, Astrology, and the Zodiac

For centuries people have star gazed and mapped their lives around the sky. We can also connect ourselves through meditation and with the aid of candles and their symbolism.

We have to include the impact of making and using candles during seasons, selective days of the week, planet alignment, and moon phases to name a few.

Your faith in your belief makes you who you are. This is a personal choice. The gift is within you.

Making aBeltanecandleto celebrate the opening of summer, usually on May 1, is the most popular intention candle that I am aware of. It is also known as May Day.

How to make Beltane Candles

Beltane means awakening.

Knowing what day of the week May 1st falls on for the current year would be the appropriate recipe for the Beltane candle. Let’s look at the type of candles to make for Beltane.

We want to celebrate or awaken the vibration energy presented on that day. You may select a candle fragrance that works in harmony with the corresponding anointment. Make the candle your signature style.

This also gives you an idea of how candle recipes are put together.

Beltane candlesare often pillar candles made from beeswax but can be container candles too.

I make Beltane candles in several ways.

  1. They can be scented beeswax sheets with the herbs wrapped inside and additional wax poured on top to attach the stones.
  2. They can be scented pillar candles with the herbs wrapped around the outside of the pillar, dipped in wax if you choose. Attached the stones to the top. Melt some of the tops of the candle with a heat tool to get the stone to stick.
  3. They can be container candles anointed and dressed on the tops.
  4. They can be wickless candles designed for candle warmers with the ingredients layered inside. (flameless option)
  5. They can also be made in the form of a wax melt. (Aromatherapy version)

Beltane Candle Recipes

May 1 On This DayAstral EnergyFavored VibrationCandle ColorHerbs to Enhance AnointmentCrystals or Gems to Enhance Dressing
MondayMoonBeginnings, BlessingWhitesClary Sage, Sandalwood, Lemon Grass, Basil, RoseAmethyst, Clear Quartz, Opal, Coral
TuesdayMarsTaking Action, ProtectionCopper, OrangeRosemary, Peppermint, Caraway, Dragon’s Blood, Orange PeelCitrine, Topaz, Black Tourmaline, Moldavite
WednesdayMercuryCommunication, TravelBlues, PurplesBaby’s Breath, Bay Leaf, Clary Sage, LavenderMoonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise
ThursdayJupiterProsperity, SuccessSilver, GreenCinnamon, Nutmeg, Chamomile, Basil, PatchouliAventurine, Citrine, Jade, Malachite
FridayVenusLove, RelationshipsPink, Red, MagentaCardamom, Clove, Coriander, Ginseng, VanillaRose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Garnet
SaturdaySaturnReversals, Change in Direction, dispelsPewter, BlackClary Sage, Clove Eucalyptus, Fennel, FrankincenseHematite, Obsidian, Onyx, Smokey Quartz
SundaySunHappiness, HealthGold, YellowsBasil, Calendula, Geranium, Lemon Peel, St John’s Wart, YarrowAmazonite, Agates, Amber, Pyrite, Yellow Jasper

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