How to Make Massage Candles: An Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a way to create a relaxing ambiance in your home while also enjoying the benefits of a massage? If so, then making your own massage oil candles could be the perfect solution.

Massage oil candles are candles that melt into a warm, soothing massage oil that can be used to moisturize the skin and relieve muscle tension. In this article, we’ll take you through the steps of making your own massage oil candles, from selecting the right materials to adding the perfect scents.

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What are Massage Candles?

Massage candles have been used for many years and are simply made by exchanging the harder waxes with softer oils. The flame of the candle heats the mixture allowing the liquid to be massaged on the skin for a relaxing experience.

Making a massage candle is slightly different because this product is not just a candle. It is a lotion or massage oil when warmed by the heat from the flame. The products used will need to be skin-safe. The recipes I use do not require any water so we will not be using any preservatives.

massage candle

What Candle Wax Can Be Used for Massages?

Massage candle wax should be skin safe and the melted wax pool at low temperatures. We want warm wax not burning wax for massage oil. Learn about wax blends here.

Most people do not think of soy candle wax as beneficial to your skin, but it is very moisturizing. When paired with an oil that keeps it from drying up it helps to block the loss of moisture from your skin.

This is like the paraffin treatments that you can get at a SPA for dry skin. I used these for manicures to finish the service for soft hands!

The best soy candle wax to use for massage candles is GB 464. Using this wax in a massage candle recipe creates melted wax at a lower temperature.

I avoid using paraffin wax for massage candles because the wax melts at a higher temperature and is a petroleum product. I also avoid a lead-free wick for my candles.

Using organic oils like olive oils can go rancid over time so I do put an expiration date on my candles. The shelf life for these is usually the expiration date of the oil I use. For this reason, I make these in small batches.

Lavender Massage Candles

Materials Needed for Massage Candles

Before you can start making your massage oil candles, you’ll need to gather a few key materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Massage Candle Jars With a Spout (empty)

massage candle jar with spout
massage candle jar with spout empty
black massage candle jar with spout
massage candle jar with spout 2
massage candle jar with spout 3
black massage candle jar with spout 2

How to Make Massage Oil Candles: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Melt the Candle Wax

The first step in making massage oil candles is to melt the candle wax. You can use any type of candle wax you prefer, such as soy wax, beeswax, or paraffin wax. Place the wax in a candle-pouring pot or double boiler and melt it over low heat until it reaches a temperature of around 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Add Carrier Oil

Once the candle wax has melted, it’s time to add the carrier oil. Carrier oils are oils that are used to dilute essential oils and other concentrated substances. They help to create a smoother, more even melting candle that won’t burn too hot or too fast. You can use any carrier oil you prefer, such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil. Add the carrier oil to the melted wax and stir well.

Step 3: Add Essential Oil (Optional)

If you want to add a fragrance to your massage oil candles, now is the time to do so. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that can be used for aromatherapy, relaxation, and healing. Some popular essential oils for massage oil candles include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and chamomile. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the wax and carrier oil mixture and stir well.

Step 4: Add Candle Dye (Optional)

If you want to add color to your massage oil candles, you can do so by adding candle dye to the wax mixture. Candle dye comes in a variety of colors and can be found at most craft stores or online. Add a few drops of dye to the wax mixture and stir well until the color is evenly distributed.

Step 5: Attach the Candle Wicks

Now it’s time to attach the candle wicks to your containers. You can use any type of container you like, such as glass jars, tin cans, or ceramic dishes. Place the wicks in the center of the containers and secure them in place using wick stickers or hot glue.

Step 6: Pour the Wax Mixture

Carefully pour the melted wax mixture into your prepared containers, being careful not to spill any of the mixtures onto the wicks. Fill the containers about three-quarters of the way full with the wax mixture, leaving room for the melted oil.

Step 7: Let the Candles Cool

Allow the candles to cool completely and then trim the wicks to about ¼ inch in length.

Step 8: Light and Enjoy

When you’re ready to use your massage oil candles, light them and allow them to burn for a few minutes until a pool of warm oil forms on the surface. Blow out the candle and wait a few minutes for the oil to cool slightly before using it for a massage.

Tealight Massage Candles

Can You Use Just Melted Wax for Massage Candles?

Yes! You can create candles without fragrances simply to massage and moisturize. Some people don’t like scents, or their skin is sensitive to fragrances.

Scents that you burn in regular candles are different from massage candles. The fragrance or scents should create an ambiance but also be safe for your body.

Can You Use Any Type of Candle For Massage?

No. Not all soy candles are massage candles. It is important to know the fragrance oil used in the candle. Not all fragrance oils are skin safe. Some candles contain chemical additives that are not skin-safe.

Massage Candle with Coconut Oil

Massage candles made with coconut oils are one of my favorites. The best massage candles produce massage oil at a comfortable temperature.

A blend of coconut wax and massage oils can also be used for massage candles that are a little firmer. Coconut wax blends have additives, often paraffin, so check that the melted oil is skin safe before using.

Massage Candles

Massage Candles Recipes

Preparing the Containers for Massage Candles

This candle borders a gray area between candles and skincare. Because this candle has a dual purpose, the containers must be sanitized. I use a 4-ounce glass jar or a 6-ounce candle tin.

Wash the containers and the lids with soap and water and let them dry. Your work area should be clean and sanitized as well. The equipment should be sanitized. The use of gloves is also recommended.

Massage Candle Care Card Template, Editable Massage Oil Candle Care Guide, Black & Gold Essential Oil Candle Instructions by DiyMyDesignStore

Recipe For (1) 4-ounce Massage Candle

In a melting pot heat 2 ounces of soft soy wax (I use GB 464) to 185 with:

  • 1 ounce hard butter*,
  • 1 ounce Oil**,
  • The hard butter can be shea butter, cocoa butter, or mango butter.

**The 1 ounce of liquid oil can be olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, hemp oil, sweet almond oil, bran oil, rosehip oil, or avocado oil just to name a few. Each oil in this list has benefits for the skin.,

and ¼ ounce of Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil.

Attach a wick to the jar or tin. (I use an HTP 105 or smaller)

Let the mixture cool to about 135 and pour it into your prepared candle container.

If you have never made candles before, read How to Make Candles from Scratch.

These candles are labeled and sealed with a shrink-wrap ring so that customers are not opening and sticking their hands in. I have samples in little sauce cups for them to smell.

How to use Massage Candles

Massage candles are not meant to be burned as you would a conventional candle. Essential oils do not produce much of a hot throw from being burned as would a fragrance oil that is designed to be burned. This candle is lit only long enough to melt a pool around the wick.

The candle is then gently extinguished, preferably with a snuff if you are using it on a client. Do not blow. (No one wants your germs blown into their pool)

Check to make sure the wax is cool enough. Then the wax is poured into your hand to use as a massage oil. Sensitive areas will burn more quickly.

If the candle is not burning for a long time the wax will not get that hot. Because it is mixed with oils it will melt quickly. Coconut oil melts using the heat of your hand so imagine this will not take much.

Body Balm candle with pure therapeutic essential oils – organic massage candle with raw shea and coconut butter – lickable- sensual body oil by bySeasideNaturals

Massage candles are also known as lotion candles. Making your own massage oil candles is a fun and creative way to enhance your relaxation routine and reap the benefits of aromatherapy and massage. With a few simple ingredients and some patience, you can create your own custom candles that will fill your home with soothing scents and warm, nourishing oil.

Warming the oils allows for the mixture to penetrate deeper into the skin and has a significantly better result than regular lotion.

A massage candle can be used for dry feet or aching feet. It can be used to help soothe sore muscles or itchy skin. Because of the wax content, it has a pomade attribute that can also be nice on your scalp.

It is a great substitute for those that are allergic to beeswax.  If you are allergic to soy, you can substitute beeswax.

Types of Massage Oil Used in Massage Candles

Many variations of massage candles can be made to suit your needs. The shea butter can be swapped out for coconut butter, cocoa butter, or any hard butter. You can also use a combination of butter if the ratio is 1 part hard butter to 2 parts wax.

The 1 ounce of liquid oil can be olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, hemp oil, sweet almond oil, bran oil, rosehip oil, or avocado oil just to name a few. Each oil in this list has benefits for the skin.

Massage oil can be mixed with a combination to create specialty recipes like dry skin or oily skin.

Tips for Making the Perfect Massage Oil Candle

Choose the right carrier oil: Different carrier oils have different properties and absorb at different rates. Consider the skin type you’re making the candle for and choose an appropriate carrier oil.

Use high-quality essential oils: If you’re adding essential oils for fragrance or therapeutic purposes, be sure to use high-quality, pure essential oils to get the most benefits.

Experiment with scents: Don’t be afraid to try different combinations of essential oils to create your own signature scent.

Be careful with candle dyes: Candle dyes can be tricky to work with and can affect the burning properties of the candle. Start with a small amount and add more as needed.

Use a thermometer: Temperature is critical when making massage oil candles, so be sure to use a thermometer to ensure the wax doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

Consider adding botanicals: You can add dried herbs or flowers to your candles for added fragrance and visual appeal.

Be patient: It can take a few tries to get the perfect massage oil candle, so be patient and keep experimenting until you find the right combination of materials and scents.

SPA Candles

Benefits of Massage Oil Candles

Relaxation: The warm, soothing oil from a massage oil candle can help to relax the mind and body, promoting restful sleep and reducing stress.

Moisturizing: Massage oil candles can also help to moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils used in massage oil candles can have a range of therapeutic benefits, from promoting relaxation to reducing muscle tension.

Romantic ambiance: Massage oil candles can help to create a romantic ambiance in the bedroom or bathroom, making them a great gift for a loved one.

I cannot make any statement that massage candles heal or cure. I can say that they feel good and make your skin feel good. I would not add any colorant to the mixture as candle dyes are not skin-safe. These can be made in decorative containers for a more marketing appeal to put in your spa.

You can be more adventurous as these candles will only be burned long enough to head up the wax to be used. It is not a candle that should burn for more than 30 minutes at one time. Be careful to test the warm oil and not put it on your client in case it is too hot!

For a SPA, make sure to pour from the container or use a clean spatula each time you dip into the candle. Do not contaminate the candle with your fingers or a used spatula by double-dipping.

Follow your state’s sanitation guidelines. The candle wax will not get hot enough to kill all germs that may contaminate the wax. Keep the candle covered or closed when not in use.

Massage Candles Soy Candles & Flameless Candles

Many businesses do not allow an open flame. Massage candles can be flameless. Candles do not have to have a wick to enhance the ambiance of your SPA with aromatherapy. They can be kept warm on a wax warmer with temperature control or candles can melt on a candle warmer.

Massage Candles Make Wonderful Gifts

On Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or any day give him or her a personal massage candle that reflects an intimate moment of caring.

These also make great gift sets for bridal showers for the bride-to-be or for the mom-to-be. They make a great gift for anyone! It gives the person permission to be pampered.

Massage candles are novelty candles that most people would not purchase for themselves. This also makes them great for selling products at craft shows!


Can I use regular candle wax for massage oil candles?

Yes, you can use any type of candle wax for massage oil candles, but some types may work better than others.

Can I use any carrier oil for massage oil candles?

Yes, you can use any carrier oil you prefer, but some may work better for certain skin types or scents.

Do I need to add essential oils to my massage oil candles?

No, essential oils are optional, but they can add fragrance and therapeutic benefits.

How do I clean up spilled wax?

You can clean up spilled wax using hot, soapy water or a specialized wax cleaner.

Can I reuse the containers from my massage oil candles?

Yes, you can reuse the containers after cleaning out any leftover wax and wick remnants.

Massage Candles

Essential Oil Massage Candles to Balance Chakras

Root Chakra – Basic & Trust (Red)

This is a nice massage candle for pedicure as it addresses the foundation or the feet. It will help with low energy or low self-esteem. I make this candle with soy wax, shea butter, olive oil, and patchouli essential oils. Patchouli is a wonderful earthy tone that connects the soul to the earth.

If you have tired and achy feet, switch the patchouli for eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil for an invigorating pick-me-up.

Sacral Chakra – Sexuality & Creativity (Orange)

This is a nice massage candle for the pelvic area or lower back. This area is believed to be the basis for which our creativity thrives and a massage in our lower back can relieve despair. I make this candle with soy wax, coconut oil, and ylang-ylang essential oils. This is a very sensual fragrance.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Wisdom & Power (Yellow)

This is a great massage candle for the entire torso. The core of our body is what gives us balance and keeps us centered and organized. A massage in this area helps us to relax and focus. I make this candle with soy wax, olive oil, and rosehip oil. The fragrance with this is a very faint scent as the focus is on the massage.

Heart Chakra – Love & Healing (Green)

This massage candle works well on the upper back around the shoulder blade area where the back muscles start to get larger. Massage in this area is healing for the broken heart or the heavy heart. Our tension often travels upward as we sit a lot these days. I make this candle with soy wax, shea butter, hemp oil, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Throat Chakra – Communication (Light Blue)

This massage candle works well on the shoulders and the base of the neck up through the neck to the base of the nape. This is our communication area and ironically often get a stiff neck from the stress of the day. This is often where our tension headaches start and a massage can feel great. I make this candle with soy wax, shea butter, jojoba oil, and frankincense essential oils.

Third Eye Chakra – Awareness (Blue)

This massage candle is for the entire torso and can work well massaging the spine. Sleep is especially important to our function and awareness. The alignment of our spine helps us to do that well. Sometimes stretching helps us to relax as we elongate the larger muscles in our back. I make this candle with soy wax, coconut oil, and lavender essential oils.

Crown Chakra – Spirituality (Purple)

This candle is for the entire upper back through the upper neck and base of the head. Relaxing our bodies helps us to relax our minds. Our state of mind impacts our physical well-being. Clearing our heads even for 5 minutes can change our day. I make this candle with soy wax, coconut oil, and chamomile essential oils.

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