How to Make Sebastian the Crab and Flounder

After making the Clay Pot Ursula, I needed to make the characters that went with Her! If you are a Disney fan you’ll want to create more with these simple tips.

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Materials Needed for Sebastian the Crab

Step 1: Paint each piece red inside and outside

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Step 2: Glue 2 sets of 1.2-inch pots together

Step 3: Glue the 2 bottom saucers together in opposite directions.

Step 4: Glue the 6 legs to the saucer body.

2023 05 26 05.54.40
2023 05 26 05.54.36

To Make the Disney Little Mermaid Flounder

Materials Needed for the Flounder

2023 05 26 16.12.43

Step 1: Paint All of the clay pots yellow

Step 2: Paint blue stripes along the back of the 3-inch clay pot

2023 05 27 13.10.00

Step 3: Cut a fin from the craft foam and glue it to the tail

Step 4: Glue the bottom saucer to the opening of the 3-inch pot

Step 5: Paint the face or add face stickers

2023 05 27 13.09.46

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