How to Make Pyramid Candles with Crystals or Treasures

To make 5-inch pyramid treasure candles you will need 1 pound of paraffin wax and .5 ml fragrance oil, an HTP 83 wick or equivalent tested for your wax, a wick holder, and a wax melting pot. You will need a heat-safe silicone mold and embellishments of your choice.

In this pyramid treasure candle, I used crystals, natural stones, gold flakes, and metallic charms. To color the candle some mica was added to the candle pigment for accents.

You will find it helpful to have a pair of craft tweezers to place objects along the way as you build your candle in a pyramid shape.

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what you need to make pyramid candle

Setting a candle wick for pyramid candles

Some candle molds do not have a hole to pull the wick through to center the wick. The wick for this pyramid treasure candle will be held in place with a skewer placed on the top.

Center the wick over the base of the pyramid and secure it to the rod. You can leave the wick straight or you can make a small curl at the tip of the pyramid to finish it off later.

Not all pyramid treasure candles are a distinct point at the top. Some are flat. This is a personal choice.

pyramid treasure candle making
pyramid candle mold

Starting the Pyramid Candle Wick

The top of the pyramid candle is often a focal point and the first layer of the candle aligns the wick to the center.

Decide what color you would like the tip to be and set aside about 2 ounces of melted wax to start building your candle. For today’s hidden treasure candles, we are using a gold tone.

how to make treasure candles

Let the candle wax cool completely for this layer. Since there is little wax, it will only take about 15 minutes.

Adding Embellishments to a Treasure Candle

Start building the pyramid treasure candle by adding charms to the side of the mold. You can also add metallic flakes. Add them to the side of the mold so they can be seen.

how to make pyramid candles

If you are having issues with the charms or stones staying upright, add a small dot of candle wax to the side of the charm to help balance.

making treasure candles

Continue adding treasures of your choice like crystals or gems to the candle.

making pyramid candles

Layering a Pyramid Treasure Candle

Add as many layers as you want to the candle. They can be different colors. I would not use a different fragrance.

Let each layer completely set up and harden or the wax will mix together.

I melt my wax all in one melting pot, add the fragrance and divide that mixer for the layers.

pyramid treasure candle

After you have poured all layers, let the candle sit for at least an hour for this 5″ pyramid. The wax may still be soft. If it still feels warm, let sit before unmolding.

You can add to the pyramid by dipping a gem or stone in wax and pressing it in place. Wax will stick to the wax. Don’t add anything too heavy.

Use a pair of tweezers to pull the wick to the top as a starter. Some wicks are left curled in the tip for added length.

You can also include instructions with the candle so that the candle had a nice presentation. Some wicks flatten the top a little.

Try to make a pyramid treasure candle for yourself. They are a lot of fun!

treasure candle

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