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How to Perform Candle Testing

candle testing

Candle testing prior can avoid a lot of troubleshooting later on. Make this part of your candle-making process. Learning what candle performs better will help you get the most from this craft. To perform candle testing properly you make candles…

How to Make Candles With Intention

candle making

Traditional chandlers have used candles of various shapes, colors, and placements to tap into the energy of the unconscious and spiritual realms for centuries. We have seen this in religious rituals and personal meditative sessions. Making candles with intention is…

How to Make Candle Embeds

how to make candle embeds

Adding a candle wax embed to candles or wax melts can give it that final touch or signature look. Candle embeds can be a single simple element or a collage of items made from candle wax to look like your…